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Journaling prompts: turning 30

Starting a new year or turning a new age is a good time to reflect on what we want to leave behind, what we are grateful for and what we want to take into the next year. The beginning of this year also marked the beginning of my 30s, so below are the questions I spent some time reflecting on.

You could use these journaling prompts at any time and apply them to any age. For example, the past year, the past 5 years, the past decade. It really doesn’t matter! I found it a useful way to reflect, realise how much I’ve learnt over the years and it boosted my gratitude enormously.

What am I grateful for that happened during my 20s?

What have I learnt during my 20s?

What do I want to leave behind in my 20s?

What do I want to take into my 30s?

What do I want to do during the next decade of my life?

A great way to do this could be by writing a letter to your younger self. I don’t mean changing the narrative, such as “don’t do x” but simply telling yourself what you are about to experience, where you will go, who you will meet and what you will learn. From the mistakes to the proudest moments, and everything in between, the past ten years got you to where you are right now and you wouldn’t be who you are without any of it.

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