Hi! I’m Laura

We work through the subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks that may be getting in their way, so that they can move forwards and get the outcome they want, feeling empowered, happy and fulfilled.

I’m so passionate about helping women reconnect to themselves and feel empowered by who they are and what they do. I feel very lucky to work with amazing clients and to be a part of their journey. I’m so proud of every one of them!

I would love to help you see the same shift in your life too.

Background & Qualifications

Prior to becoming a Coach, I was a Management Consultant specialising in the financial sector in London. I am also a former secondary school Modern Languages Teacher and Mental Health Ambassador for young people. I completed my postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford, during which time I carried out extensive research on self-worth in young people and self-worth continues to be one of my key areas of expertise. My undergraduate degree was in languages, which I loved and it led to living in several different countries, including France, Italy, Monaco and Russia. I speak French and Italian and take every opportunity I can to go back to France and Italy.