I finished my sessions with Laura feeling so much clearer about my future. We worked on reframing negative beliefs I had around my goals and it really helped to look into what I was scared of. It’s changed the way I was approaching them and I’ve come away with a better understanding of myself and what I want.

Having the support between sessions was great! It kept me on track and I could come back to the points we spoke about when I needed to. Laura is such a warm and empathetic person and she made it easy to be open. I ended every session feeling positive and looking forward to the next one. I miss it already and I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone thinking about coaching!


Laura has an amazing ability to understand you on a deep level. After talking with her, I feel so empowered and excited to work towards the better life ahead of me. I’m so grateful for her wisdom.


Laura has a wonderful, gentle energy that puts you at ease straight away and right from the initial call with her I felt lighter. She helped me to deal with the overwhelm I was experiencing at work, which was spilling over into my personal life and making both areas very stressful. She helped me set boundaries around this and we went through my thought patterns and time management techniques.

Since the sessions, I feel like I have more mental space and I find it easier to compartmentalise work, which is something I’d always struggled to do. Laura is a font of wisdom and her approach is positive and reassuring. She was so supportive between sessions with check-ins and guidance when I needed it and I can honestly say I couldn’t have made these changes without her. I couldn’t recommend her more.


My session with Laura was excellent. I feel much clearer about my goals and the direction I want to be taking. I came away with tangible steps to take and it’s been a great motivator.


Workshop Testimonials

How would you describe the workshop to a friend?

Brilliant, enlightening, helpful, realistic and tangible

A great and useful space to learn, expand, and reorganize your set of goals and how to get there. Also just a really lovely vibe

Insightful, an experience you need to have, eye opening

How did you feel at the end of the workshop?


Excited and happy! Also thoughtful

Refreshed in my mind

What was your favourite thing from the workshop?

The knowledge that it is all achievable

The topic!! and how it made us connect with ourselves

Learning how to go about my fears and that it’s okay to have them and a lot of them are common in everyone around me

I loved this topic around clarity on different aspects of our lives. Realization of what truly goes on with our overthinking minds

It opened things up that I wouldn’t think about in my day-to-day thinking

What did you learn from the workshop?

The steps to take when trying to figure out our goals and purpose. The steps are approachable especially after going over them with Laura

How to create a better mindset and habits to improve day-to-day life

About affirmations and how they can help the brain overcome fears

I learned that barriers to self-expression can be changed

More comments:

Laura is an excellent facilitator, making a potentially intangible subject completely within reach. Her helpful tips on how to approach goals and the work required beforehand to clear the way is priceless.

I felt that Laura was the perfect host. To be honest the title and introduction left me feeling it might have been not quite so engaging, but the opposite was true!

Laura was a great host- we loved her topic… easy-to-follow steps that we can get into deeper with more time.