It’s time to renew.

Hi! I’m Laura

I’m a qualified Life Coach and I’m here to help you start living life the way you really want to be living it. Whether that means with more clarity, calm or confidence, I will help you get there.

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, I help you reconnect to yourself, gain clarity on what you want and make this your reality, overcoming any mindset blocks along the way. I hold space for you to understand yourself on a deeper level and support you in taking action to become your most empowered and authentic self.

If you’re ready to make a change, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch below to book a free discovery call and find out more about sessions.

“Laura has an amazing ability to understand you on a deep level. After talking with her, I feel so empowered and excited to work towards the better life ahead of me.”

“I finished my sessions with Laura feeling so much clearer about my future. I’ve come away with a better understanding of myself and what I want”.

“I ended every session feeling positive and looking forward to the next one. I miss it already and I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone thinking about coaching!”

Laura was so supportive between sessions with check-ins and guidance when I needed it and I can honestly say I couldn’t have made these changes without her.”

Right from the initial call I felt lighter… Laura helped me to deal with the overwhelm I was experiencing at work, which was spilling over into my personal life and making both areas very stressful. Since the sessions, I feel like I have more mental space and I find it easier to compartmentalise work, which is something I’d always struggled to do.”


“Insightful, an experience you need to have, eye opening”

“A great and useful space to learn, expand, and reorganize your set of goals and how to get there. Also just a really lovely vibe.”

“Brilliant, enlightening, helpful, realistic and tangible”

Join a workshop

Held online or in-person in Cheltenham, each self-development workshop is designed to provide you with the tools you need to create immediate change in your life. You will leave feeling motivated and inspired, clear about what you want, how to get there and how to overcome mindset blocks along the way.

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On the blog you’ll find articles on mindset and self-development to guide you on your journey.